Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Okay, today Bush tells the world he's tired of waiting for Sadaam to cooperate with the world. He must disarm now or face the consequences. Again, I ask Bush where is the proof? The U.N. inspectors have not found anything, (just six EMPTY warheads....emphasis on EMPTY). Now Bush says that his intellignece network has proof that Iraq has WMD (weapons of mass destruction). We ask: Show us the proof. He replies: I can't or else I will compromise our intelligence network.
Is he talking about the same intelligence network that didn't know that 9/11 was going to happen? Is this the same intelligence network that couldn't figure out where all the secrets at Los Alamos were going? The same intelligence network that fingered a chinese scientist because at the time we were fighting with China over a spy plane that had crashed in China? Brother! Why should we believe you now? Either show us the proof or get back to the real job at hand: Finding binLaden et al and putting them on trial.
Then I read today that part of Bush's economic plan is to give tax breaks to companies that buy SUVs for their fleets....that's right the government will reimburse a company the entire cost of an SUV. Just fucking great. Let's ride around in ;more gas-guzzling behemoths so that the price of gas goes up, our dependence becomes harder to break. The sollution? Why, invade Iraq of course, kill Saadam and take over the third largest oil fields in the world. BushCheneyCo gets unbelievably rich, a few million Iraqui die for no good reason, we de-stabilize an already unstable part of the world, and yet we will still be able to practice our God-given right to drive big huge vehicles that serve absolutely no purpose except to make it look like we have big cocks. Brilliant, eh? Homo sapiens? Yechhhhhh!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2003

A new year, an old issue and a stupid administration. Just another example of the arrogance and stupidity of the human species, or what I like to call Yecche Homo Sapiens, (with apologies to the Greeks).
Today, and probably for the next couple of days, months and maybe years, I am going to be sounding off about the Bush Boyz and their plan to conquer the planet, one dictatorship at a time. Since we are on the cusp of starting another stupid, wasteful and immoral war, I guess it is a good time for somebody to be talking about this, eh? (no, I'm not Canadien, and don't ask again!).
So here we are ready to kick the ass of another petty dictator that The Bush Boyz are convinced is going to attack us.
Did they forget that the Bush Boyz Pater Familias kicked Sadaam's ass in '91, and that Slick Willy the Cigar kept him in check until the unforgivable fiasco known as the Presidential Election of 2000?
Obviously not.
This will be continued when I have some more time. Right now, I have to go check on the U.N. weapons inspectors and see if they found any more EMPTY warheads....(what a bunch of maroons)!